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The Xplore 1 Folding Kayak is the absolute best on the market. With a unique durable plastic design, it is able to remain rigid, strong, lightweight, and portable all at the same time!


48" x 15" When Folded


HPDE Plastic, Carbon Fiber, Marine Grade Foam



Xplore 1 Kayak Features

Meet the Xplore 1 Red Foldable Kayak

With a Laundry List of Features, the Xplore 1 is perfect for everyone. Assembles Quickly with times as low as TWO MINUTES. Try to find another folding kayak that can do that. You Won’t.  The Xplore 1 Kayak has Carbon Fiber Reinforced fold lines and is made of HDPE Plastic. It is highly durable, rated for years of folds and the impact resistant plastic will make sure you’re free from leaks. Other folding Kayaks rip and crack leading to them having to sell patches or repair kits. You’ll notice we don’t, and frankly that’s because you won’t need it. Our Kayaks are Built to last, made in America with the finest craftmanship.

The Ultimate
Portable Kayak

Fold and Fit Anywhere, the Xplore 1 is the Ultimate Stow and Go Kayak. Live in a Dorm or Apartment? This is the perfect Kayak for You. RVing? Perfect, store it anywhere. This is the Future of Truly Portable Kayaking.

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Our Customers LOVE the Xplore 1 Kayak

Don’t Just Take Our Word Though! Hear from REAL Customers

Aug 13. My 66th Birthday. Guess what I did… My daughter and I went kayaking. Maiden voyages. Just had to tell you guys that we love them.

We turned a few heads and were above average sales promoters of your kayaks. I love love love them.


Seapa M.

Xplore 1 Customer

Got my Kayaks this Sunday. Set up was a snap, no issues getting on the water hopped right in and was off (I was the heaviest of the two of us at 205). It was slightly choppy and a slight current, we paddled up current with ease and drifted back.  I liked the footrest, overall stability was great, seems very durable, and it was a blast to use.  Overall Highly Stoked with them, they will get lots of use this summer!

Chris S

Xplore 1 Kayak Customer

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